A Unique Global Collaboration of Partners from the Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors Committed to Augmenting Low- and Middle-Income Countries’ Readiness to Respond Against Influenza and Emerging Respiratory Viral Pandemics


Photo Credit: Athit Perawongmetha, United Parcel Service (UPS)


A world better prepared to respond effectively to influenza and emerging respiratory viral pandemics.

Every country must be ready to rapidly deploy an effective vaccine response against influenza and other emerging viral respiratory diseases – including COVID-19.

We support low-and middle-income countries’ utilization of seasonal influenza and COVID-19 endemic vaccination programs as a public health vehicle for epidemic and pandemic readiness. Our work will be relevant to next generation influenza and COVID-19 vaccines as well as to future adult respiratory vaccines. In addressing downstream data and capabilities gaps, we help countries’ decision-makers advance their vaccine policies while enhancing conditions for increased and sustained access to vaccines.

Our work is more critical than ever. The real threat of another respiratory pandemic and the current COVID-19 pandemic underscore what the public health community has long known: it is crucial that countries plan and proactively test their vaccine delivery systems before a crisis emerges to effectively respond to a pandemic.


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